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What is an SSL, and why do I need one?

You’ve probably heard of it, but what is it - and what does it do?

You’ve more than likely noticed that small little green bolt in your address bar, and the HTTPS prefix, and you may even have noticed that if you visit a site without the green bolt, your browser has made it very clear that that site is “not secure”.

What is that little green bolt? That’s showing you that the site your on has an SSL and is completely safe to visit!

An SSL, or Secure Socket Layer, is basically a security measure. If sites are transferring sensitive information, like debit card numbers and passwords, it means that a hacker can’t intercept that data and steal it.

In short, an SSL will encrypt any data sent to and from the server, and the only people with the key to decrypt that are the server and your computer.

Why do I need one?

Even though it’s not necessarily required under GDPR, if you’re handling user data of any kind then GDPR rules state you must keep this data safe and sound. If you run something like an E-Commerce website, then you need an SSL in order to keep data breaches to an absolute minimum — If a data breach occurs, you could be liable.

What if I visit a site without one?

In most cases, you’ll be fine! However, if you are planning to do some online shopping, or enter in any sensitive or personal information, then make sure that the site is secure, and secured by a reputable SSL Authority.

Any questions? Pop them down below! I’ll try to get back to as many people as possible.